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Visiting Auckland New Zealand

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If you want to visit the international gateway of NZ, visit Auckland on your New Zealand tours. Auckland is the commercial hub of New Zealand and is encircled by 48 dormant volcanoes. These include the spectacular Rangitoto Island that is situated at the center of the harbour.

If you are in Auckland during New Zealand tours, make sure you visit the following:

Auckland Bridge Bungee

It is the first bridge bungee jumping of the world. It is directly under the Pier 2 Bridge where you can enjoy the thrilling experience of gravity. It is very advanced and safe, along with the latest jumper retrieval system for the comfort of participants. Plus there are many options for bungee jumping, including the famous water touch.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Feel the greenery of nature as you discover plant life on New Zealand tours. Get a bite to eat and a refreshing drink at any nearby restaurant and get the view of green landscape. These gardens are open from morning to evening and there is no entry fee.

Goat Island Marine Reserve

If you are looking for amazing marine life, then Goat Island is a great place to visit with family and friends. There are plenty of playful fish to befriend and to view marine life during New Zealand tours.

If you want to go diving or snorkeling, you can get equipment on hire, along with diving lessons. You can also try going on the glass bottom boat, which will give you a feel as if you are floating on water.

Butterfly Creek

Everybody likes colorful butterflies, and Butterfly Creek of Auckland has more than 700 butterflies along with fish, reptiles and birds. You can also watch alligators and salt water crocodiles here. This is a must-visit attraction for kids as there are tarantulas, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies along with wetapunga- the biggest insect in New Zealand.

And all these insects are under cover, so you can enjoy your visit without any worry.

Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World

This is another exciting attraction that you shouldn't miss on your New Zealand tours. It is a wonderland of ice, snow and underwater sights. Here you will visit penguin colonies where these awesome birds would be playing in snow and ice, while swimming beneath the ice cap. Follow a glass tunnel to meet great and mighty sharks along with other magnificent sea creatures.

And there is much, much more. When you plan your New Zealand tours to Auckland, make sure you keep plenty of time in your hand because there is a lot to visit.


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Holiday Homes

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You would want to look for holiday homes and reserving one is not as easy as you think. There are lots of holiday homes, where you can stay during the holidays, and having fund around the city. There are lots of holiday homes in different parts of the globe.

Being patient in assessing each holiday home; is the best way of getting a dream holiday. Holiday homes are abundant in Asia, North America and Europe. All you have to know is what you really want for a holiday.

In order to get your holiday home you are always dreaming about, first you should search the web, and then list down which links you see will direct you to the place you want to go. Get all the details from your holiday homes listings. Then visit their website one by one, and assess if you want to stay in the holiday home.

Get the owner of the holiday homes, address, e-mail, contact number. After which you have to call the holiday homes officials or owner. You can either write or call or even use a VOIP Telephone to connect immediately. If you have a friend living in a nearby by the holiday home you want, ask to have the place checked.

Once your friend recommends the place, its good to place your reservation immediately if it's a holiday home. Negotiate directly, ask for amenities, ask about support services, like laundry, housekeeping and cooking. Holiday homes may or may not have support services. You have to double check, so you won't get surprises.

Make it sure you make a reservation. Some holiday homes, requests for a minimal advance payment, which you can pay to assure yourself of space; after paying the advance payment do not loose your receipt.

Most personnel of holiday homes are cordial and accommodating because people running holiday homes are family members owners. In cases if a specific household staff is asked to assist you, you shouldn't feel bad, its just like giving you a personal valet. Treat them with a lot of respect, and they will do the same to you.

You may also request for a pick up car or car rent if you want to explore the city. Most holiday homes do not have any tour guides, so it is good to make arrangements with your travel agency, there is also no harm in asking your holiday homes staff if they can recommend someone.

Verify if the holiday home is fully furnished, and do not forget to ask help if you really need one. People form holiday homes are most willing to help always when you ask. Request for the complete listings of the things inside your apartment, checking the details will allow you to plan ahead of time which things you have to buy. Most holiday home rentals are nearby supermarkets where you can buy added on implements, and some things you will need for the kitchen. Holiday home rentals allows cooking your own food.


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